Podiatry Physicians in Alexandria, Virginia

The driving goal of our Alexandria, Virginia, podiatry physicians and orthopedic surgeons is to provide the best possible medical care to each of our patients! Alexandria Podiatry Associates combines the best in experience, techniques, and technology with a true individual focus designed to meet your podiatric needs.

Our Philosophy

Some of the best-trained and most experienced physicians in the field of podiatric medicine and surgery can be found at Alexandria Podiatry Associates. Our associates are experts in diagnosing and treating lower extremity disorders. Additionally, our treatment techniques are on the leading edge of medical science, utilizing progressive programs designed to achieve optimal results. With a goal of full recovery, our physicians and patients work together as a team.
Whenever surgery is required for correcting a podiatric problem, our patients enjoy clinics that provide state-of-the-art operating suites. It is the successful implementation of this philosophy that attracts people from all walks of life, including the weekend and the elite athlete, throughout the Washington metropolitan region to our facilities.